Divorce mediation is a negotiation between spouses who have decided to end their marriage without litigation. It is voluntary and confidential. A divorce mediator is a neutral party trained to help couples resolve the inevitable disputes that arise during divorce. The primary task of the mediation is to produce a fair and reasonable separation agreement.

Several draft separation agreements are usually generated in the process of mediating a final, signature ready document. As draft agreements are refined the parties become fluent in the specific terms and provisions of their agreement. When the parties reach an overall settlement a final separation agreement is prepared.

If the parties are represented by counsel, their lawyers review the final separation agreement before the parties sign it. The final, signature ready agreement incorporates all changes the parties have agreed upon.

I notarize all separation agreements signed in my office, and any other documents that require notarization. I often generate all the required divorce forms and help people fill them out and file them in court. When clients choose to appear in court without lawyers, I also help them organize the paperwork and prepare for their hearing.