Mediation & Legal Consultations

With the exception of couples interested in divorce mediation, all other prospective clients are welcome to schedule consultations at my hourly rate of $350.

Paid consultations allow individuals, couples and families an opportunity to gather information and explore options without making a further commitment. Meetings may be scheduled at any mutually agreed time, are not limited to an hour, and are payable at the time we meet.

Paid consultations are available to people in the midst of litigation IF there are no restraining orders in effect.

Mediation consultations for people actively seeking to mediate relationship issues include:

  • Unmarried couples planning to live together… or already living together and contemplating a cohabitation agreement
  • Unmarried couples contemplating an agreement to separate
  • Unmarried couples planning to marry seeking a pre-marital agreement (formerly known as a “pre-nuptial” agreement)
  • Married couples seeking a marital agreement (formerly known as a “post-nuptial” agreement) whether intending to remain married… or anticipating a future divorce
  • Former spouses seeking to modify the terms of their divorce in a post-divorce agreement

Legal consultations for individuals and couples include people interested in:

  • Creating or changing their estate plans, i.e., wills, codicils, durable powers of attorney & health care proxies
  • Protecting their primary residence by filing an estate of homestead
  • Buying or selling residential real estate